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Source IT offers premier training in Information Technology and Management utilizing...more
Source IT has a comprehensive repository of on-site and online courses offering high quality...more

Management Training IT Training Soft Skills Training


Source IT offers premier training in Management /Project Management, IT and Soft-skills utilizing a holistic approach and leveraging diverse multi-faceted tools and techniques to enrich the overall learning experience of its students.

Source IT's Project Management / Management Training provides a common base of knowledge, skills and tools essential for both novice and experienced Project Managers. The Program is for organizations that want to gain a competitive edge by creating a unified approach to projects they undertake. Let the Power of Project Management Grow Your Business - Project Management is a powerful business tool that you can use throughout your organization to boost personal and collaborative productivity, and ultimately show great returns on investment. The list of courses includes Specialized Prep courses designed for those targeting PMP or CAPM Exams and Certifications.

The IT Training is geared towards a show-do-practice-learn model with emphasis on more guided and hands-on assignments. The complex subject matter is synthesized and explained in great details to the students. The curriculum is frequently updated in order to include the latest updates and technological changes.

The Soft-skills training courses focus on Professional, Personal, Team and ultimately Organizational development including Business Communications, Conflict Resolution, Relationship Management, Motivation and Leadership. These courses will build Employees' soft skills, which can go a long way in increasing their awareness in the workplace and Emotional Intelligence, items often ignored by the traditional schooling. This also results in a quantum increase in the workplace productivity. These courses are delivered as instructor led classroom seminars or as web-based online blended learning formats.

Source IT has a comprehensive repository of on-site instructor-led and online courses offering high quality, state-of-the-art IT and business related e-learning training seminars and courses. Competitive prices, rich quality content, exhaustive explanations, detailed coverage, and learner friendly interfaces are just a few highlights of Source IT's online courses. In addition, the traditional Instructor lead training is also available to meet the discerning needs of some students.

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